The Family Preservation program is for families who have children or teenagers who are out of control or at imminent risk of being separated from their family. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement by strengthening families and teaching them the skills they need to safely live together.


Intensive In-home Family ServicesOldWayNewWay

  •  Intensive in-home crisis intervention
  •  Collaboration with schools, programs and consultants
  •  In-home family assessment
  •  Comprehensive planning and case management
  •  Counseling and consultation
  •  Life-skills
  •  Follow up and on-going support

Family Preservation/Reunification Program Details

  • Pre-assessment: case review, collaboration with schools & programs, initial calls/setup
  • Five day in-home intensive family assessment
  • Books, materials & video conferencing package
  • Four weeks of crisis intervention, case management, coordination of the family agreement
  • Eight weeks of continued consultation and support with the family and consultant
  • Additional Costs: Travel expenses, substance abuse testing

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