Home from School

As a parent, are you concerned about your child reverting back to old negative behaviors while at home on break? Are you concerned about your student losing ground during the breaks or holidays?  If so, PRN for Families may be able to assist you. We offer a customized package of services designed for families of students attending traditional or non-traditional boarding schools that need additional support over the break or holiday season.

During school holidays and breaks many students return home to their families from college, boarding school, or just from the local high school or middle school. While spending time with family is important, it can often be challenging as a result of complex family dynamics and chemistry between family members. That is why PRN for Families offers the Home from School package of services–a program for students and families in this situation that require an extra level of support.

We provide a stepping-stone to enable a smooth transition during this process. We work with the whole family system to provide tools and support necessary for a successful emancipation. The program is structured with a high level of accountability, yet community-based, which means we go into the community versus the client going outside to receive the services. It is customized to meet the needs of the client, and specifically designed for clients who have exhausted the more traditional services.

What is Home From School?

College Girl

A Family Preservation model for families who have children or teenagers who are returning home for the break that require added support, direction and guidance to maintain advances they have achieved.  Our goal is to prevent further upheaval and maintain family balance by strengthening families and teaching them the skills they need to safely live together. The Home from School service includes:

  • Pre-assessment: Case review, collaboration with schools & programs, initial calls/setup.
  • Five day in-home intensive family assessment
  • Books, materials & video conferencing package
  • Four weeks of premium consultation, crisis and case management, coordination of the family agreement
  • Four additional weeks of continued basic consultation and support with the family and consultant
  • Additional costs may include travel expenses and substance abuse testing

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