Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRN for Families?
Preservation, Reunification & Networking for Families, or PRN for Families, is a family outreach program that provides home-based preservation and reunification services to safely keep families together. PRN for Families has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards.

What are “preservation services”?
Preservation services are designed to keep families together and avoid out-of-home placement.

What are “reunification services”?
The objective of reunification services is to safely unite a family after they have spent time apart. Reunification services play a crucial role in helping children, teens and young adults transition back into the home from an out-of-home placement such as a wilderness program, boarding school, therapeutic program, rehabilitation center, or hospital setting.

Why are reunification services so important?
During an out-of-home placement, a participant learns about themselves and how they can work to solve his or her problems; however, upon returning home one finds that the environment which may have caused or enabled the problem has gone unchanged. Reunification services are important because they ensure that the participant retains gains that are made in the out-of-home placement and does not relapse into old habits.

Who can benefit from PRN for Families’ services?
Families who have children or teenagers who are out of control or at imminent risk of being separated from their family, or who require transitional or reunification services to safely reunite them with their children following an out-of home placement, can benefit from PRN for Families’ services.

What makes PRN for Families different from other counseling or therapy services?

PRN for Families is unique because we provide services in the client’s own home unlike other programs in which clients must leave their home to receive care. We also take a family systems approach, involving all family members in the process. In addition to family members, we include the client’s friends in the process as well. This allows us to fully assess problems in the home and enables an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the issue. Our team is then able to develop a plan that focuses on solving the core issues while simultaneously addressing symptoms.

Are PRN for Families’ services right for me?
If you are experiencing any of the following issues, PRN for Families can help you.
▪    Lack of effective family resources
▪    Behaviors beyond parental control
▪    Differences in parenting approaches
▪    Psychological/psychiatric problems
▪    Depressive traits and low self-esteem
▪    Drug/alcohol experimentation/abuse
▪    Learning problems/lack of social skills
▪    Poor decision making/impulsive behavior
▪    Breakdown in family communication with unsuccessful therapeutic results

PRN for Families can also help if you want a friend or loved one to retain gains made in other treatment programs or placements.
  We also provide help to adolescents who have completed or withdrawn from a short-term therapeutic intervention or a long-term residential treatment program.

What type of services does PRN for Families offer?

PRN for Families provides the following services:
▪    Family assessment
▪    Intensive, in-home crisis intervention
▪    Comprehensive planning
▪    Case Management
▪    Counseling
▪    Relapse Prevention Planning
▪    Life skills
▪    Parenting Skills Training
▪    Full spectrum of aftercare services

What is after-care?

After-care is a comprehensive plan of action that is developed in coordination with the family, community programs and all involved parties to ensure a successful transition back to home and community life following a short-term therapeutic intervention or a long-term residential treatment program, substance abuse and relapsing is common and is not considered a treatment failure. The problem is that, although the teen has changed, the environment at home may be the same. The same friends and the same temptations may still be present. After-care within the first three months of returning home greatly reduces the chances of relapse, and according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, “aftercare is a necessary component of treatment.” After-care helps retain gains made in other treatment programs or placements and is just one of the many services that Charles Elias and PRN for Families offers.

Our family situation is unique — can we get customized help?

We pride ourselves in developing a customized service plan for each family we work with.

I am concerned that my child may be using drugs or alcohol. Can PRN for Families help me?
Yes! Contact us immediately for a free, no obligation consultation. Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious issue that requires action. Our trained professionals can help you determine the best course of action, whether it be enrolling in one of our programs or seeking help elsewhere, and find you the help you need.

What age groups does PRN for Families work with?

Our programs are available to adolescents in middle school/Jr. High, and high school, young adults that are attending college or moving to an independent living situation, and to parents and couples.

My kids are almost teenagers and I’m concerned about the issues we might face in the future. Can PRN for Families help me?

Yes. We can provide you with the guidance and tools that you need to prepare yourself for potential problems that you and your teen(s) may face. Being prepared is the best way to prevent problems from arising. Our counselors can advise you on effective parenting techniques that will help keep the lines of communication open and prevent your teen from getting out of control.

I am a single parent. Does PRN for Families offer services that can help me?

Being a single parent is not easy! It is ok to seek extra support. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help. Our network of professionals can direct you to where you should go within your own community for support.

How can PRN for Families help me communicate more effectively with my children and spouse?
Our in-home family assessment enables our counselors to examine the family dynamic and ensures that the true cause of the communication issue is accurately identified. Once the root of the problem is recognized, a comprehensive family plan is developed to overcome communication barriers to achieve lasting results.

Is PRN for Families Accredited?
PRN for Families has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective care.

Does PRN for Families take insurance?

Yes. To find out more, visit our Insurance Information page.

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