Who We Serve

PRN for Families is offered nationwide and specializes in custom designed in-home alternative or aftercare services for your family. Our specialized team provides preservation and reunification services to families in their homes in order to empower family members with tools, resources and support they need to safely stay together.

Preservation Services for Young Adults and Families Experiencing:hands

▪    Lack of effective family resources
▪    Behaviors beyond parental control
▪    Differences in parenting approaches
▪    Psychological/psychiatric problems
▪    Depressive traits and low self-esteem
▪    Drug/alcohol experimentation/abuse
▪    Learning problems/lack of social skills
▪    Poor decision making/impulsive behavior
▪    Breakdown in family communication with
unsuccessful therapeutic results

PRN for Families provides reunification and transitional services for children and adolescents returning home from a wilderness program, boarding school, or other therapeutic placement.

Reunification Services for Families Who Have:
▪    Parents interested in retaining gains made in other treatment programs or placements
▪    Adolescents or young adults who have completed or withdrawn from a short-term therapeutic intervention or a long-term residential treatment program


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