Tracks by PRN

Independent or college living for young adults

Tracks by PRN

As adolescents move into young adulthood, it is natural that they look for opportunities to live independently of their families. Leaving the cushiness of home is usually the last step taken before officially joining the adult world. However, this transition may be more complicated for young adults who lack the experiences, skills or confidence to take that step.

Young adults are faced with new situations, most of which have little to do with what is taught in high school or college. Becoming self-reliant can be frightening and for some immobilizing. It’s not easy!


Dealing with adult issues such as managing money, maintaining your own living space, taking care of personal needs, preparing food, caring for clothing, using transportation, going to class and/or work all combine to put a serious strain on a young adult.

Recognizing this challenge, PRN for Families is introducing Independent/College Transition services to help young adults make the transition from relying on their parents and family to an independent living situation.

Our Tracks by PRN program provides an important steppingstone to enable a smooth transition during this process.

We work with the whole client system to provide tools and support necessary for a successful emancipation. The program is structured with a high level of accountability, yet community-based, which means we go into the community versus the client going outside to receive the services. It is customized to meet the needs of the client, and specifically designed for clients who have exhausted the more traditional services.

The Tracks program includes:

  • Pre-assessment: Case review, collaboration with schools & programs, initial calls/setup.
  • Books, materials & video conferencing package
  • Four weeks of premium consultation, crisis and case management, coordination of the family agreement
  • Four additional weeks of continued basic consultation and support with the family and consultant
  • Additional costs may include travel expenses and substance abuse testing

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