About Charles Elias

PRN for Families was founded and developed in December 2003 by Charles Elias, LCSW, MAC, LAC — owner and operator of the program.

Charles has a long history and interest in providing family preservation services since 1985. Through PRN for Families, he works closely with a team of licensed professionals from around the country, who bring their own uniqueness, creativity and specialties to working with families.

Unlike other programs, Charles and his team offer customized, in-home programs in whatever state or country a family is located.

About Charles Elias

charlesCharles is the founder and owner of PRN for Families. He is a native of London, England, and became an American citizen in 2002. He received his bachelor’s degree in Social Work with distinction, and a minor in Youth Agency Administration from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and his master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver.

He is licensed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addictions Counselor. He holds other certifications in Sex Offender counseling, Medication Administration, and Massage Therapy.

Charles is a member of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, the National Association of Social Workers, and many local community and civic organizations.

Professional & Military Experience

Charles has been actively working with children, youth and families in Colorado and Idaho since 1985. He has been a social services caseworker, mental health crisis worker, substance abuse counselor, adolescent and family therapist, program coordinator and clinical supervisor.

He has attended the family preservation training offered by the Homebuilders Program of the State of Washington, Institute for Family Development. He has developed a non-profit foster care program and closely worked with the State of Colorado.

In 2001, Charles spent three years working as a field supervisor/therapist in a wilderness based intervention program in Idaho. Charles retired from duty as Navy reserve (8 years) after a seven month campaign in Iraq (Sept. 2004 – April 2005). He served as a Field Corpsman attached to the 2nd Battalion 24th Marines at Forward Operating Base St. Michael, Al Mahmudiyah.

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